Dilog and Emulex boards

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On Thu, 12 Mar 2015, Paul Anderson wrote:

[Manual excerpt, or descriptions follow]

> DQ130

Dilog DU120 tape controller.  Emulates TM11.
4 Drives.  Pertec I/O

> DQ686

Dilog 4 x ESDI disk controller.  Emulates
MSCP.  Replaced (with restrictions) by DQ696.

> Emulex
> SC01

This manual provides information related to the capabilities, desiqn
and installation of the SC01 disk controller. This controller can
be used in LSI- 11 based systems to interface to any large disks
having a Storage Module Drive (SMD) interface. This controller is
capable of emulating a number of disk subsystems built for the
PDP-11 by Digital Equipment Corporation. Details of the functional
characteristics of the controller in a particular emulation can be
found in the appropriate User's Manual.

> SC03

SC03        Q   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates RM11/RM03
Includes BDV11-compatible line-time clock.

> TU11

Tape controller of some sort

> TU121

Google turns up a "TU1210201" which is a tape formatter for use with a 

> UC171

Looks to be Dual-port SCSI

> QD241


QD24 is an ESDI controller emulating MSCP...possible relation?


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