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On 06/03/15 9:40 AM, Mouse wrote:
>>>> one other, which you may or may not classify as a ?language?, is
>>>> Mathematica.
>>> I don't know enough about it to offer an opinion [...]
>> I've been using Mathematica for years. [...] I've also used MatLab
>> which also falls somewhat into that category. MatLab is is really
>> optimized around vectors and arrays.
> That might be more similar to APL, then.
> This has been rattling around in my mind for a little while now and I
> think one reason I didn't think of things like Mathematica or Matlab is
> that they're single-implementation. ...
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As I haven't yet seen it mentioned in this discussion, I think I need to toss in Scilab ( , also on WP), which is a Matlab workalike that came out of a French mathematical research iInstitute (INRIA, Institute Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique). It is under a GPL compatible license (CeCILL) and should therefore also work for those of us for whom free beer isn't free enough :) I used it^w a tiny portion of it during my student thesis for predicting and comparing the EMI spectra of phase and burst fired power controllers under different load conditions and power settings.

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