Small DEC cardcage with backplane

Christian Gauger-Cosgrove captainkirk359 at
Sat Mar 7 20:53:34 CST 2015

On 7 March 2015 at 21:09, Pete Turnbull <pete at> wrote:
> Not necessarily.  H9273 (18-bit) and H9276 (22-bit) are indeed straight
> backplanes, but H9275 is serpentine.
I can confirm that the H9273 is Q18/CD (and thus straight), and that
the H9275 is Q22/Q22 serpentine. I actually have a "naked" H9275, that
I intend on building a nice 11/73 system out of when I get some
time... and more importantly money.

Something I've been wondering about actually. Since I don't have a
proper mounting box for the H9275 (looking for a BA11-NF box;
specifically one with a PDP-11/03-L bezel), I'd been wondering about
doing a silly project of mounting it inside a nice custom box and
bolting a 35KSR Teletype (another difficult as hell thing to find.
Would it be possible to "rehome" the guts of a VT-220 into something
else?) to the top in a sort of strange "Steampunk-11/73" setup. Anyone
here have any words of wisdom with regards to this harebrained idea?

...You know at a certain point you realize how much of a nerd/geek you
truly are when you're discussing casemodding a PDP-11.

Christian M. Gauger-Cosgrove
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