Working HD for a IBM PS/2 model 30

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If it isn't broke don't fix it.  U likely have a perfectly good controller
for any ST412 type MFM HDD controller.  Why would you even consider and IDE
or SCSI drive when there are many good refurbished MFM drives available at
capacities well above the 20 MB you are replacing.   Personally I  would
look for a Maxtor or a Quantum drive staying away from the stepper motor
types, like the one u are replacing. 

Just Google, "MFM HDD drive for sale"  Select anyone that claims an ST412
interface from  a reputable vendor, I bet u can even find one in Italy :-)


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Hi at all,
a friend of mine, has an old working IBM PS/2 model 30. She needs to change
its broken hard disk that is a IBM 20mb Part number 72x7568, model WDI-325Q.
The broken hard disk is similar to this: and its cable is like this
one: Well this cable has
44pins and it cabled in different way from modern IDE cables. THe 44pins
cable is described here: 

Well the question is: if she can't find a working used hard disk for this
machine, how could she solve for connect a new hard disk (i suggested to use
a ide to cf adapter with a 32mb max cf card, but the ide connector has 40
pins so it should necessary to realize a specified cabling from the ps/2
hard disk connector to the ide to cf card connector)

Thanks in advance


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