Lear Siegler ADM-5 service manual

Peter Coghlan cctalk at beyondthepale.ie
Thu Mar 5 11:35:57 CST 2015

Martin Peters wrote:
> Anyone owning the service manual for an ADM-5?
> Seems like this terminal is not as common as the ADM-3(A).
> Couldn't find it on bitsavers or anywhere else :(

I'm looking for one too.  I did find the service manual for the ADM-3A (on
bitsavers I think) and some of the ciruitry is similar or the same so it might
be of some use to you.  Unfortunately, the fault in my ADM-5 appears to be in
a part of the circuit which they do not have in common.

I wonder was the ADM-3A more common though? In the college where I came across
them, there was row after row of ADM-5 terminals but only a single ADM-3A which
nobody liked using, mainly because there were difficulties clearing the screen.
But 25 years later, there is much discussion of the ADM-3A and everyone seems
to want one while the ADM-5 barely gets a mention.

Peter Coghlan.

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