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Wed Mar 4 18:22:26 CST 2015

On 3/4/2015 5:07 PM, geneb wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Mar 2015, drlegendre . wrote:
>> Being from the USA, I'm not particularly familiar with the 64C version,
>> which was less common here.
>> Is it possible to use the internals of a standard, beige 'breadbin' 
>> 64 to
>> fully populate one of these new 'C' cases? Will the keyboards &
>> motherboards simply drop-in? Do they use the same DIN-type power 
>> connectors?
> Internally the cases are identical to the breadbins.  They were also 
> VERY common in the US.  The 64C case design started shipping some time 
> in 1986.
> g.
I have moved a c64 mobo to the c64c case, and there are a few things:

  * You need to be aware of the KB.  Newer c64cs have the KB connector
    on the middle right of the mobo (the e boards, or some such, too
    lazy to google the exact part no.).  Anyway, if you want the c64c KB
    and a std c64 mobo, you need to find an older c64c kb (I think the
    ones that do *NOT* have F2/4/6/8 printed on the key top), so the
    cord will be long enough, or make an extension cable.  The power LED
    cable might also be an issue, but that's not a big deal.
  * On the c64c, the top of the KB mounts with some little brackets that
    are not on the breadbin case.  You'll liekly need those.
  * The c64c uses some funky screw head.  Pitch those screws and use
    phillips :-)

I think that is all it took to move the boards.


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