Rich kids are into COBOL

Todd Goodman tsg at
Wed Mar 4 11:56:59 CST 2015

* Guy Sotomayor <ggs at> [150304 12:45]:
> After more than a decade of working on Linux (both personally and
> professionally) I finally gave up due to incompatibilities and getting into
> circular loops and the weeks spent trying to get a system configured
> that would run various tools (without having to have a different system
> for each tool).  I had several cases where one program needed a
> specific version of a system library, another program needed a
> *different* specific version of the library and the rest of the system
> wanting yet a 3rd version of the same library.
> TTFN - Guy

After running into that particular package hell early on in my Linux
experience, I switched to Gentoo linux where multiple versions of
libraries can be installed at the same time and used by whatever
software needs them.


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