RA81 removal

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Mar 2 07:56:25 CST 2015

    > From: Johnny Billquist

   >> I compared the DEC part numbers on the RA81 slides and some RL02 slides
   >>  I have, and ... they are indeed the same part number!

   > What? That can't be. They are physically different.

All I know are the following facts:

- I bought a group of surplus RL02 drives from a scrap dealer, and they came
with slides with the following part #'s: 1213686-00 Rev-K1-R and 1213686-00
Rev-K1-L. (BTW, I have extra -L's, if anyone needs them; will trade for
something useful.)

- I bought a machine which had previously belonged to DEC in Vancouver, and
it came with a couple of RA81 drives, and they had slides with the following
(identical to the above) part #'s: 1213686-00 Rev-K1-R and 1213686-00

The two slide sets above are completely identical in appearance; the only
difference is that the part # is in different places on the two.

- I was given an RL02 drive a while back, and it came with slides, but they
don't have any part #'s that I can see.

They look almost identical to the ones above, except that the newer ones have
two rocking trip levers (one in the middle, and one at one end), and the
older ones have only one (the one in the middle).


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