PDP8 Boards

Paul Anderson useddec at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 23:44:16 CST 2015

I have numerous requests lately PDP8 parts.  In digging out some I knew I
had more than I would ever use. The following is a list of boards that are
probably not needed for my current plans.

Please contact me off list. Shipping is from 61853. $10 for any qty shipped
to US.

For sale or trade.

M8315  8A cpu      $150
M8316  option #1    150
M8320                     100
M8342  LS8-E         100
M8350  POS I/O      150
M8360  Data Break  150
M8365  LC8-P           75
M8366  LQP8E          75
M841    LE8-E          100
M865    KL8             100
M8650  Kl8              100
M8650-YA               100
M8652                     100
M8653                     100
M866     DP8-E       100
M884     KG8-E       100

Thanks, Paul

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