Rich kids are into COBOL

ben bfranchuk at
Sun Mar 1 16:03:23 CST 2015

On 3/1/2015 2:56 PM, Johnny Billquist wrote:

> I don't think so. On the PDP-8 at least, the increment of the PC is done
> at different clock phases for different reasons, and they are not
> combined. I/O peripherals can also increment the PC, and it happens at a
> defined time.
> The clock state machine of the PDP-8 is somewhat complex compared to
> more "modern" machines.

I suspect all of the classic machines of the 60's era, would have 
similar timing since it was the split cycle of core memory the defined
your major timing states.

>      Johnny
Any how, Bitsavers has all the details where hard ware manuals said more
that "Made in <country of the week>.

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