How to save two Mitsubishi M2896 drive (spindle motor smoked!)

tony duell ard at
Sun Mar 1 13:53:47 CST 2015

> > Yes, if you replace the LB1620 then the new one might fail too. But you'll not get it working
> > without trying things.
> My suggestion to Enrico was to pull the driver transistors that switch
> between the +24 and the motor windings.  If his case is usual there are
> three of these (often Darlingtons).   If the board still smokes when
> power is applied, you know that the fault does not lie in the motor nor
> in the driver transistors.

Are there any discrete transistors for this? I know the diagram in the 
service manual shows them, but that is a different version of the motor
and the LB1620 can normally drive the windings directly. I don't remember
seeing them in the photos.


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