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Tapley, Mark mtapley at swri.edu
Fri Jan 2 02:31:20 CST 1970

	My 14-year-old son has mentioned that he’d like a breadboard and some parts to fool with, and the pointer below really helps. I have an old Archerkit VOM already, and I’m thinking about turning him loose in August with the discrete components part kit, the VOM, a box of logic parts, and a copy of Horowitz and Hill. 
	Is there a reason to prefer 7400 series over CD4000 series logic? 


	makes the CD4000 series look cheaper. 

	I also have a pair of old Tek 922 O-scopes, one of which has all of its knobs and switches intact and produces a trace. I’ll guess that they both need rebuilding; I have the instruction manuals, though, so maybe that is lesson 1? Is the TekScopes group the best place to find probes for one or both?

	I also have one of the 200-in-1 spring-termial projects; he played with that a bit, but there wasn’t enough logic there to do much computing :-) so he lost some interest.

	He has a Raspberry Pi, which he pretty much contempts in favor of his laptop, which will play the modern version of MineCraft :-P, but presumably hooking those together might be fun. 

	Should I add anything else to his pile? Is there a series of logic that’ll make things easier if he does end up hooking in the RPi?
	Thanks for any help! My own knowledge is pretty spotty in this field, so please feel free to start near ground-zero with helpful advice.
												- Mark

On Jun 16, 2015, at 10:50 AM, geneb <geneb at deltasoft.com> wrote:

> On Tue, 16 Jun 2015, Mark J. Blair wrote:
>>> On Jun 16, 2015, at 08:19, geneb <geneb at deltasoft.com> wrote:
>>> On Tue, 16 Jun 2015, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>>>> I wish there was some _easy_ way to lay in a stock of the most common TTL
>>>> IC's - e.g. some kind of kit one could buy - but alas, I don't know of any.
>>>> (Hence my dream of finding and acquiring someone else's collection! :-)
>>>> Suggestions for the source of such a good diversified 'starter kit' welcome...
>>> How about this:
>>> http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10001_10001_84961_-1
>> Very nice! I might just order one of those.
> They also offer 4000 series, transistor, resistor, and capacitor collections.
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