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> Bringing this topic full circle, does anyone 
> know if any minicomputers
> (DEC PDP-8s or 11s, DG Novæ, HP 21XXs, et 
> cetera) were ever used on
> aircraft? Not transported by one, but I mean 
> setup and used on one.

DEC architecture machines were in the serious 
minority when it came to
military computers in combat service. DG/Rolm was 
huge, as was Univac.
IBM, Burroughs, and CDC had a slice of the market 
as well.


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Don't forget Cromemco:

>From Wikipedia:

In 1981 a study was commissioned by the United 
States Air Force Systems Command to select a 
microcomputer for theTheater Air Control System 
(TACS). From a field of 149 microcomputers the 
Final Technical Report concluded that “the 
equipment offered by Cromemco is the most 
responsive to the general selection criteria.”[31] 
In the years following this study the United 
States Air Force became a major customer for 
Cromemco computers.[32] [33]

Cromemco developed a special version of the CS-200 
computer (called the CS-250) to meet the 
requirements of the Air Force's Mission Support 
System (MSS). The CS-250 had a removable hard disk 
based on patented Cromemco technology[34]The 
United States Air Force deployed 600 Cromemco 
Systems from 1985 to 1996 as Mission Support 
Systems for the F-15, F-16, and F-111 
aircraft.[35][36] These systems received their 
first war time use in Operation Desert Storm in 

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