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Thu Jan 1 15:32:30 CST 1970

On 2015-06-19 10:51 AM, Benjamin Huntsman wrote:
> Does anyone here know why certain AlphaServers are worth such seemingly high prices on eBay still?

The obvious(?) answer is that they are still used commercially.

I think this explains the phenomenon for even older hardware than Alpha too.


> Particularly the DS15's seem to be worth their weight in gold, and the DS10's still sell for quite a bit.  I see DS25's and ES47/ES80's get listed all the time for fairly high prices, but never sell.  I'm just wondering why the difference.
> Given that the Alphas have been end-of-life and kind of dead-end for a while now, I'd have thought some of the more recent ones would have fallen into the realm of hobbyist affordability by now.  Especially since I can buy a much newer IBM Power6 for less than a DS15 these days...
> Does anyone here do Alpha gear, especially the newer stuff?
> Thanks!
> -Ben

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