Benjamin Huntsman BHuntsman at
Thu Jan 1 15:03:31 CST 1970

Does anyone here know why certain AlphaServers are worth such seemingly high prices on eBay still?

Particularly the DS15's seem to be worth their weight in gold, and the DS10's still sell for quite a bit.  I see DS25's and ES47/ES80's get listed all the time for fairly high prices, but never sell.  I'm just wondering why the difference.

Given that the Alphas have been end-of-life and kind of dead-end for a while now, I'd have thought some of the more recent ones would have fallen into the realm of hobbyist affordability by now.  Especially since I can buy a much newer IBM Power6 for less than a DS15 these days...

Does anyone here do Alpha gear, especially the newer stuff?  



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