Front Panels - Type survay

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Thu Jan 1 12:10:12 CST 1970

Hi Guys
             Well the panels are steadily getting to their new homes.
The feed back has thrown up some interesting information
Mainly that not all 8/e panels are the same. So I'm doing a little survey
to see if I can produce the different types.

In addition I have been asked about panels for other than 8/e
So I have put a question for that.

Just delete as required and send it back to me :


PDP 8/e

         1. My 8/e  has dividing lines between the groups of lights.     

         2. My 8/e  has  selector switch positions   1 + 6             

         3. My 8/e  has a line round the Selector Switch area         

         4. My 8e serial number is

          5. Anything else

I'm also interested in front panels for

PDP8/S        yes/no

PDP8/I        yes/no

PDP8/L        yes/no

PDP8/F        yes/no

PDP8/M        yes/no

Early PDP's 1-15        yes/no

Early 11's                    yes/no

Non Dec systems

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