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The Cctalk Mailing List


Cctalk is one of the two interfaces to the ClassicCmp general discussion list. Cctalk subscribers receive all messages posted to either cctalk or cctech, delivered immediately. This message stream does include occasional off-topic threads.

The general discussion list is appropriate for discussion of the following topics:

  • classic computer hardware, software, and documentation. We define "classic" as "at least ten years old, plus or minus cool factor";
  • computing in general ten or more years ago; and,
  • fringe topics relevant to the pursuit of the hobby, such as electronics, moving heavy equipment, and cleaning techniques.

For a message stream that only delivers on-topic threads, see cctech.

Allowed Posts

Cctalk subscribers may post both on-topic and off-topic messages. Overly offensive or junk posts are not welcome. Please read the FAQ before posting.

Message Volume

Of the ~800 members of the general discussion list, ~650 subscribe to this message stream. The average load is 50 to 100 messages daily.

Contact Points

To post to the list, send email to:

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