cc:Mail version numbers

Chris Zach cz at
Thu Jan 21 09:59:25 CST 2021

I was using CC:Mail at Westinghouse in 1988. Very small mailbox limits, 
I remember having to run compacts on the Novell server a lot back then.

The system was using a flat file database on the server, each client 
would interact directly with the mail database. Easy to corrupt, big 
pain in the rear.

No VAPs were used on the server, so it was truly client only. About 40 
people in the office if I remember.

Had a CC:Mail Async gateway set up to communicate with the office in 
Beltsville MD.

When I went to the Computer Society in 1995, we had CC:Mail deployed 
without a server. Implememented a server, the system still needed 
constant compacting and purging (2gb mail limit or something like that) 
so I went with Lotus Domino Notes and never looked back. The SMTP 
gateway for CC:Mail would crash a lot, so switching it from DOS to OS2 
fixed the reliability problems.

Say what you will about Notes, but it *never* corrupted the mail data 
store. Ran that on OS/2 server, then Windows NT 4.0.


On 1/21/2021 10:48 AM, Tomas By via cctalk wrote:
> R3 1992 also
> On Thu, 21 Jan 2021 16:42:32 +0100, Tomas By wrote:
>>    Release   Database   Appeared in
>>    1?        ?          ?
>>    2?        6?         ?
>>    3?        6?         1992
>>    4?        6          ?
>>    5         6          1995
>>    6         8          1996
>>    7?        8          ?
>>    8         8          1997
> /Tomas

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