Nine track file marks, Burroughs

Dennis Boone drb at
Sat Jan 9 16:59:36 CST 2021


Thanks for your thoughts.

 > Your tape dump looks very much like a classic ANSI tape label format,
 > except for the missing file mark after the HDR2 record.  Are ALL
 > those file marks after HDR2 missing, or just some of them?

Right, and they're supposed to be ANSI69ish, though they are in EBCDIC.

No, not all of them are missing, not even if one "compresses" out some
of the "obvious" ones along the lines of your example.

 > I can see it being quite reasonable for there to be no file mark
 > after HDR2, if you were going to write your own format.  That
 > specific FM is just not actually needed if you KNOW the first data
 > record follows HDR2.  So, the format could be :

Yes, you could.  The Burroughs doc seems to say the FM is supposed to be
there between every group of labels and the preceding or following data,


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