M688 Flip Chip Unibus Power Fail Driver Modules

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Fri Jan 8 08:05:41 CST 2021

     > From: Steven Malikoff

     > Would that be part of this system at a Japanese computer museum? ...
     > the 11/05 has 'Unichannel15' on it

Yes, the 3 bays in the center are a PDP-15. (The indicator panel at the top
of the center bay is the one for the PDP-15 CPU; you can see it here:


at the top of the 'PDP-15' section.) The Unichannel 15:


is undoubtly there to drive the RK05; I don't think there's a native PDP-15
controller for that.

    > There is an 11/15

??? Is that a typo for 'PDP-15'? The -11/15 looks just like an -11/20


except it only has 16 address switches, not 18 as on the /20. (The front panel
shown there has an OEM-specific re-paint; I couldn't quickly turn up an image
of a DEC /15 front panel.)


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