Rod Coleman's personal history of founding, building & running SAGE

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at
Mon Jan 4 13:29:42 CST 2021

mån 2021-01-04 klockan 16:38 +0100 skrev Liam Proven via cctalk:
> The Sinclair QL was arguably the first affordable mass-market 68K
> box,
> and it used the somewhat crippled 68008 and 8-bit RAM to keep costs
> down.

The veird machine is the Luxor ABC 1600 computer.

It was a test from them together with a consulting firm to design and
sell a UNIX based system (an version of Sys III if i'm not wrong) using
an MC 68008 but with a A4 portrait monitor.

The weird thing: why did they try to use a crippled processor (but
it gave them cheaper peripherals)
but a fairly expensive graphical subsystem with monitor....

Have and Have nots...

and yes it is Mattis Lind together with his father Rune who run this
little museum.

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