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> There were also some pretty high-spec British microcomputers, but they
> tended to flop owing to the price. Things like the HH Tiger (did it
> ever go into production? Prototypes certainly exist).


Yes, a friend has (or had) one. He amassed a huge collection, then
sold the lot and bought a Tesla. :-)

Wondering if I can do the same, TBH.

> My experience at the time was that CP/M was not a 'big thing' in
> Britain. And S100 was even less. Yes there were S100 computers here
> (there were some British-produced ones like the CASU Super C which
> used bought-in CPU and RAM cards and CASU I/O cards) but I don't
> really remember them at the time.


> Which were those? I thought all the Amstrad disk-based CPCs and PCWs
> could run CP/M

When you say "disk-based" you are excluding the GSX console and the
cassette-based ones, right?

The machine I referred to was the PcW 16:

(It does have a 3rd party app, ZPM, which can run CP/M programs.)

I was mistaken about the PcW 10; it's a "true" PCW and can run
LocoScript and CP/M:

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