Microsoft open sources GWBASIC

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>>> At the risk of fanning the language fire, C seems to be a smaller step
>>> up from native machine language than most other languages.  It's like
>>> 80% of the portability with 20% of the effort of writing directly in ASM.
> Well I remember when first being introduced to "B" on the Honeywell L66 
> under GCOS thinking that it allowed programmers to shoot themselves in 
> the foot in the same ways as they could with assembler, but much more 
> rapidly.

> "B" was near assembler than "C" only having the "Machine Word" as a 
> type.

And before B was BCPL.

BCPL was used to Bootstrap B was used to Bootstrap C.

BCPL equally rapidly lets you shoot yourself in the foot.. It's fun 
though. I'm in the middle of creating a lttle retro project and I'm using 
BCPL as its "self-hosting" programming language.


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