Microsoft open sources GWBASIC

Fred Cisin cisin at
Thu May 28 19:26:49 CDT 2020

On Thu, 28 May 2020, Mike Stein via cctalk wrote:
> Is nobody going to mention the cute little MC-10 (the only R-S computer 
> I ever owned, briefly, aside from the M100), purportedly the cheapest 
> colour-capable computer at the time ?

The QUESTION (which has been dropped from the quoting chain) was 
NON-CP/M Z80 home computers.

The MC-10 seems like a home computer, but it was not Z80.
The MC-10 was a Motorola 6803.
It was an extremely cut-corner machine intended to have some vague 
similarities to the Coco, but priced at less than half of VIC-20 and not 
much more than the ZX81 (except maybe in Isle Of Man)

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