In search of Apollo DN100 Technical Reference Manual

Ian Finder ian.finder at
Thu May 28 01:57:42 CDT 2020

Hi folks,

I've recently acquired an Apollo DN100 I'd like to restore to former glory.

Sadly, there are no schematics anywhere that I can find.
I have seen this alluded to, but do not have a part number- anyone got a

Even better would be to find anything describing the PALs in the system.

Separately, there is a 14" Priam DISKOS hard drive in here- not with the
Priam interface used by the later SAU2 Apollos (DN300, etc.) but something
else- perhaps the early ANSI interface option provided by Priam.

If anyone has leads on -
1) The failure modes of these drives and
2) A replacement

… advice would be much appreciated.


- Ian

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