Early Nubus history

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Thu May 28 01:15:30 CDT 2020

Side note that has been lost to history.

>From 1987-1990 I worked at Mizar Digital Systems, which built STD bus
boards and VMEbus boards.  Its new president who came in in 1988 I think,
Joe Rammunni, decided that the STD bus was a dying technology, and looked
into NuBus.  As I understood at the time, he went and talked to various
PC manufacturers to try to get them to adopt the standard as well, for
their next round of upgrades from ISA.

Nothing came of this.  Without the unified market there wasn't any
incentive for Mizar to get into the business.  But just imagine what
the tech world would have looked like with interchangeable cards for
PCs and Apples.

The only remnant of this effort are my vague personal recollections
and a "NuBus on board" fridge magnet which I retain to this day.


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