Looking for docs, software for Lomac DAVID

Camiel Vanderhoeven camiel at camicom.com
Wed May 27 02:25:07 CDT 2020

I’ve received a Logical Machine Corporation (Lomac) DAVID system, which appears to be  successor to the Lomac ADAM.

The system consists of the main box with an 8” floppy drive (labeled “DAVID PROCESSOR”), a keyboard/monitor box (labeled “DAVID DISPLAY”), and a printer.

I am looking for both documentation and software for this system. The first thing I need to sort out is how to connect the display and processor. The display has a single cable with a male DB-25 connector; the processor has a connector labeled “DISPLAY”, but it’s a female DC-37 connector. If anyone ever had or worked with one of these, perhaps they remember if there was some kind of adapter in between.


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