HP 9817 Usage

Anders Gustafsson Anders.Gustafsson at pedago.fi
Wed May 27 00:08:01 CDT 2020

You may want to have a peek at the sync separator I built for my 9000-340. The schematics are available over
at VintHp

I am also in the process of building a PS/2 and USB to HIL adapter: http://www.dalton.ax/hpkbd/hil/

As for disks. This is one option: http://www.dalton.ax/hpdisk/ Ansgar's HPDrive is another:

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>>> <cctalk-request at classiccmp.org> 2020-05-26 20:00 >>>
Should I look at buying a monitor that can support the composite video sync and get an HIL keyboard (or build
an adapter)? Does the machine not support using a terminal over the serial port as a console at boot?

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