history is hard

Evan Koblentz cctalk at snarc.net
Mon May 25 21:48:40 CDT 2020

> Some things are easy to check, like the fact that the Z80 came out in 1976 when Woz was already finishing the Apple II so he couldn't have considered using it for the Apple I.

I haven't personally looked into whether he considered using the Z80, 
but your statement there is oversimplified. Define "came out". If you 
mean "announced in public" or "officially went on sale", then that 
doesn't prove anything. It is quite plausible that anyone in/around 
Silicon Valley and/or in the Homebrew Computer Club knew about the Z80 
before it officially "came out".

But, yes, history IS hard for exactly these kinds of reasons. Too many 
people are concerned with "first" and "invent", etc., when what really 
matters is generations of tech and overall impact.

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