Thinking of selling my PDP's

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Mon May 25 15:46:52 CDT 2020

I am getting closer to retirement (although not close enough) and I'm 
considering selling off my PDP stuff, especially if I downsize and move.

Everything's working, but I just no longer DO anything with either 
system... the adventure was acquiring all the pieces, fixing them and 
learning the software :)

Anyhow I have an 8/A with cloned Programmer's Panel (Vince Slyngstad and 
I made it around 2006) and limited function panel, 32K RAM board (also 
have core), Philipp Hachtmann's USB interface board, RX01 floppy, two 
RL02's, and a high-speed (optical) reel-to-reel paper tape reader. OS/8 
is up and running. Several spare RL02 packs. It's all in a tall DEC rack 
with an H-(something) power control box. The ASR-33 is not included, I'm 
keeping that.

Also an 11/23+ (11/03 chassis) in a corporate cabinet with two RL02's, a 
16-line serial interface, VT-220 terminal. Also an RQDX3 which is 
connected to a loose 3.5" TEAC floppy drive. Have RT-11XM, RT-11SJ and 
TSX-Plus 6.50 (all 16 timesharing ports are working too).

So, I am wondering if there's any market for them (preferably as 
complete systems). Shipping would be difficult due to the size/weight 
(I'm in rural south central Missouri). I'm not looking to give them 
away, or to part out, but would entertain reasonable package deals 
rather than deal with the "LQQK! RARE!!" bull on ebay.

I can send pics to interested parties. Let me know,



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