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On Sun, 24 May 2020 at 03:42, Richard Cini <rich.cini at> wrote:
> Thanks Liam. Oberon is pretty interesting. I may download that just to see it in action. I’ve used a ton of 3Com cards so the setup program is pretty familiar. I haven’t used DESQview, well, since I had it installed on my Compaq DeskPro 386/25.
> What I am looking for is code that actually uses the CoW a “Hello World!” for the library. I do plan on installing VB_DOS and play with that too. I have no real project in mind for it though.

Oberon's definitely worth a look.

Oberon also had some wider influence: Oberon's Text UI (TUI) inspired
Acme, the Plan 9 editor/IDE/email client, and some of the Plan 9 UI in

I have VB for DOS but I never wrapped my head around VB and its odd
semi-OOPS. I was much happier in QB3 or QB4.

Sadly, AFAICT, when the CUA-compliant, text-oriented windowing era
came to DOS, I think that for the most part, everyone rolled their

Borland's later-era DOS Pascal compilers made their toolkit available
to users, which QB4 did not AFAIK. So there were apps in Borland
TurboPascal that used them.

This is my preferred console editor on Linux:

I *think* the programmer re-implemented his own COW system but I'm not
sure. Ask him?

It replaced this:

Sadly not updated for modern Linux distros. It links to some info
about COW libraries for Linux.

BTW: I'd avoid that term if possible, as it overlaps with
Copy-On-Write, a major modern filesystems feature.

TUI is the term used in the Oberon context and is a bit more
distinctive; the only overlap I know is a defunct travel company.
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