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Peter Coghlan cctalk at beyondthepale.ie
Mon May 25 05:24:16 CDT 2020

On Mon, 25 May 2020 at 09:49:08 +0100, Dave Wade wrote:

> In these systems the end user operating system, CMS, would also IPL (load)
> on bare hardware.

I wouldn't regard CMS as being the definitive end user operating system.
Often, the reason for having VM is not to support multiple instances of
CMS.  The end user operating system can be anything that can be ipled
in a virtual machine which is pretty much anything that can be ipled on
the real hardware (except for CMS of course which can be an end user
operating system without complying with this rule).

> I would disagree with Peter over the "same under the covers".

Yes, that was the wrong way to put it.  I was trying to say that
these variously named entities produced over many decades all do
pretty much the same thing and have a common ancestry.

Perhaps something like they "deliver the same functionality" would
have been better?

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Peter Coghlan.

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