looking for VME board manuals

Rico Pajarola rp at servium.ch
Sun May 24 23:25:04 CDT 2020

Hi all

I acquired a "few" VME boards over the years, and I finally have time to
deal with some of the less cooperative ones.

I'm looking for the following VME board manuals (any information is
welcome, especially pinouts for the front panel or P2 connectors, jumpers,
how to re-create the nvram contents etc. ).

* Themis Sparc 10MP (not 20MP which is an entirely different board with a
different front panel)
* Force SPARC CPU 10
* MVME3600 (user's or installation manual, I can only find the programmer's

also looking for manuals for some HP VXI boards (more for completeness than
because they're necessary, the boards are pretty self-explanatory unless
you need to recreate the cables):
* HP E1499A (V/382)
* HP E1498A (V/743)
* HP E1480A (V/362)

Also anything about the Mercury RACE MCH6 or MCV6 system that's more than a
marketing brochure (actually, I'd even take a marketing brochure). I have
some i860 and PowerPC boards but absolutely no idea where to start. And of
course I'm also looking for software, but I'm not holding my breath...


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