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> > Recently found a movie Pirates of Silicon Valley which had some of early Microsoft history
> It is a work of fiction, and should be taken as such.

You're right, but it contains the broad strokes of the story, more or
less accurately, AFAICT. This is a damned sight more than most pro/am
techies know these days.

I used to be an active user of Quora, the online crowd-sourced version
of XKCD 386, until they banned me for having a false name. ("Liam
Proven" -- FAKE!)

Many questions are FAQs, asked over and over and _over_ again, _ad
nauseam_, by people who can't spell, or who were too lazy to search.

Common ones are:

• How much of MS-DOS did Bill Gates write? (I'd answer: none)
• How much of Windows did Bill Gates write? (none)
• Why did MS save Apple? (It didn't, they were punitive damages for
stealing Quicktime code)

And so on. People have _no_ clue, this is all pre-web and therefore
ancient unknown history, the stuff of legend.

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