[cctalk] Replacing the Flyback Transformer From My VAXmate

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Tue May 19 01:52:06 CDT 2020

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> Rob -
> A DEC Part Number would speed up your Part Search.

I have already searched for the DEC part number and drawn a blank. For
reference it is 16-27188-01.

For me the problem is getting any data about the flybacks you find. I have
outline specs for what I need, but no info on the ones I find to help me
determine if they may be compatible. The mac page you quoted doesn't really
say how he determined that the replacement was compatible, but I will try
searching the apple communities to see if I can find more information.



> Radwell, a surplus dealer in New Jersey, lists a DEC terminal Flyback
> Transformer.
> DEC Part number: 16-27975-01 (supposedly used in the DEC VT320 terminal)
> https://www.radwell.com/en-
> 27975-01
> A quick search on eBay produced this flyback candidate by Dalbani, a
Miami, FL
> reseller.
> eBay auction # 123532693525
> Replacement 16-27975-01 Flyback Transformer for DEC CRT TVs.
> Please verify the part number to ensure compatibility. These Items are not
> manufactured anymore. Order before we are out of stock permanently. All
> items are new old stock and guaranteed for functionality.

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