Evans & Sutherland PS-2?

markwgreen at rogers.com markwgreen at rogers.com
Mon May 18 13:57:39 CDT 2020

I have one, but no documentation I'm afraid.  The last time I turned it on was 20 years ago.  The last thing I remember is the fuse in the display blowing.  I ordered replacements, but never got it going again.

They take a lot of power, where mine is currently sitting I don't have the power to bring it up.  In the next year or so I plan to build a special room with lots of power for my old graphics devices.  I'll get back on it then, hopefully I'll be at least semi-retired by then.

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Does anyone have, or know of low level documentation for Evans & Sutherland Picture System 2 hardware?

I walk past a PS-2 monitor all the time and some of us started talking about bringing it back to life.  I'm not sure if more of the system exists, but it might.  I plan to check.

I looked on bitsavers and there's nothing I could find on the picture system.  Other E&S hardware, but not PS.

Anyone know if any systems still exist?  I'd have to think the CHM has at least one.   Back in the day they were sort of required for anyone doing commercial animation (or at least, that's what I could claim/recall but it was a long time ago)


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