LK201 emulation

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Mon May 18 16:48:22 CDT 2020

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> On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 5:28 PM Paul Koning via cctalk
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> > What I was talking about is a way to use a PC USB keyboard in place of
> an LK201, when your last remaining real LK201 has just failed.  That
> involves a USB jack, a LK201-compatible handset jack, some electronics, and
> software to speak the protocols involved.  That's what I have just
> prototyped.
> I would make a few of these.  Could be handy at a VCF if your LK201
> dies, or doesn't fit in your luggage.

I'd want a couple of these, especially if it let my Rainbow boot 'headless'
otherwise. I've been experimenting with different LCD displays in an effort
to replace the VR201 display with that. If I could then plug in any old
keyboard I had laying around (USB or PS/2) that would be really nice...


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