LK201 emulation

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Do you guys want original LK201s, or other keyboards that LOOK like LK201s
in the caps and layout, or converters?
I am a little confused...   LK201 clones do not have the clip offset on the
terminal connector, so you would have to replace the connector. I have no
idea if the protocol, voltage, etc is the same.


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I would absolutely be interested in this - while I'd love to use original
hardware where possible, it's not always easy to get peripherals at the same
time as machines. A long term dream of mine is to build some sort of
general-purpose box that can make connections to arbitrary vintage computer
keyboard/mouse/video ports, and connect in to modern HDMI & USB peripherals
to make it easier to just pull a machine off the shelf and get going.

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> Gentlepeople,
> I've been having problems with broken LK201s, so as a workaround I created
an adapter that connects to a standard PC USB keyboard and makes it look
like an LK201.  It's based on an Arduino (specifically, Adafruit Trinket M0,
an amazingly tiny yet powerful small microprocessor).
> It's working at this point, though it needs a few small software tweaks to
make it complete.  I'm going to turn my breadboard into something slightly
more polished.
> Question to the list: is this something that would be of interest to
others?  If yes, I can make the design available.  Perhaps the PCB layout
and parts list.  I don't think I want to get into building units for others,
> 	paul

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