ISO: Diablo 30 heads

dwight dkelvey at
Thu May 14 09:43:46 CDT 2020

I wonder if a high density head could be used on a low density machine. I'd think the main difference would be track width. If the signal levels were similar it might work.

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On 5/12/2020 9:26 AM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
> On 5/12/20 6:10 AM, Jay Jaeger via cctalk wrote:
>> I don't remember now if these parts I have were from drives originally
>> on a DEC or DG system.
> The easy way to tell is the low density heads have metal instead of
> ceramic disks.
> If anyone has the older metal style, Carl Claunch is trying to find some.

It turns out mine a metal, and perhaps came off of a DG system (my
RK03's on a PDP-11 have ceramic heads.)

Carl, feel free to contact me off list.


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