DIGI-COMP 1 enhanced

Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at t-online.de
Sun May 10 07:00:45 CDT 2020

> It it possible to get parts for a Digicomp? Mine needs some springs and 
>  the thing that connects the clock to the whatever.
I used rubber bands instead of springs.

The article about 3D print DIY
contains instructions how to bend the wire crank.


  > >/I added a motor drive to my DIGI-COMP I, and wrote 4 web pages about /> >/that device. /> >//> >/See http://www.retrocmp.com/articles/digi-comp-1/ /> >//> >/or just the video https://youtu.be/D6GgxXRJXnw /> >//

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