Odd punched cards

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If I said 'EPT' anywhere I apologize; I'm talking about PPT (Punched Paper Tape) and EPCs (Edge Punched Cards).

Here's a description of a series 'L' system, the successor to the 'E' series, containing 

"The reader could be used for loading programs faster.  It could also be used for accessing user data from punched paper tape or from edge-punched cards."


And pictures of the PPT/EPC perforator and reader (unfortunately the perf picture seems to link to the reader so you don't get a full-sized picture) :


A great (downloadable) book full of pictures and specifications of computers of that era is "A Third Survey of Domestic Electronic Digital Computing Systems" (one of a series):


See P.179 for a well tricked out E101.

Unfortunately people tend to dismiss this class of systems as 'only' accounting machines, largely because of their integrated keyboards and printer carriages based on the earlier electro-mechanical machines for operator  familiarity, so there's little information and discussion about them. 

But they are definitely 'true' computers using the same technology as contemporary general-purpose systems, core memory, disk drives, etc., and as technology advanced IC memory, high-speed dot-matrix printers etc., and, in the latest models, multiple high-speed cassette drive systems used the same way as the big brother tape drives and almost as much fun to watch in action.

Sorry for going a little OT; I'll do some digging for those cards...


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> M,
> An intriguing email. Also leaves me with more questions... And longings!
> My [PVP: ] comments are in your email below.
> Vintage computers forever! Many thanks,
> P
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> The systems that I'm familiar with that used EPCs were Burroughs 'E' series
> accounting computers; the readers and perforators handled both PPT and EPCs
> and the cards were a sort of random-access PPT.
> [PVP: ] I am having problems finding info on these two types of cards: EPT
> and EPC. Can you point me in the right direction?
> If you were preparing an invoice, for example, you might have a set of cards
> for the customer name and address and another (possibly different colour)
> set for the line items; you'd enter the quantities and it would be printed
> and punched out on PPT for the accounting functions.
> Still have some cards and the perfs and readers somewhere; must play with
> them one day...
> [PVP: ] This is cruelty to animals! Is there ANY way you could dig up some
> of these EPC and EPT cards for my collection/display? Talk to me about
> postage, etc...
> m
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>> Mike,
>> 96-column cards I have, thank you.
>> I used edge-punched cards to record scientific papers' details when I was
>> doing research. Did any get used with computers, do you know?
>> Many thanks,
>> peter
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>> How about 96 column and EPC (Edge Punched) Cards?
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>>> Guys,
>>> I got a positive response about the Port-A-Punch cards so no longer any
>> need
>>> to respond to this one. Very encouraging.
>>> Still looking for Jacquard cards and original Hollerith cards. Hope
>> springs
>>> eternal.
>>> peter
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