Odd book

Jay Jaeger cube1 at charter.net
Fri May 8 22:35:44 CDT 2020

On 5/6/2020 10:29 AM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:
> So, I've come across an odd book that might interest some here: "Achieving
> Accuray: A Legacy of Computers and Missiles", by Marshall William McMurray.
> The first couple of chapters merely re-tell the story of earliest computers
> (pre-elecronic and electronic), up through the IBM 701, Elliott 401, NCR 304,
> SAGE, CDC 6600, IBM 7090, etc. Competent, but nothing special. Then it
> gets interesting, though.
> Chapter 4 is "Small Magnetic Drum Computers of the 1950s", and it covers a
> bunch of machines I'd never heard of: JAINCOMP B-1 (!), MONROBOT III (!!),
> CADAC 101, 102 (!!!) and on and on.

I have the paper tape reader off of a Monrobot, IIRC.  Not sure which


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