Looking for old Suns

Johan Helsingius julf at julf.com
Tue May 5 08:39:05 CDT 2020

I have a bunch of the pizza box SPARC ones that need to find a proper
home, but they are somewhat special as they were the ones from one of
the first pan-European Internet service providers (EUnet).


On 03-05-2020 17:22, silvercreekvalley via cctalk wrote:
> Hi,
> Every now and again I have a bit of time to mess with old computers - and usually for whatever reason - its Sun machines for me.
> I’ve had loads over the years, played with them and passed them on. 
> Does anyone have anything old Sun wise available in the UK? I’d love to find an old VME bus machine but anything old or interesting. I can travel
> to pick stuff up etc, social distancing observed of course :D
> Anyway - PM me if you have anything that’s restorable :) 
> Cheers
> Ian

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