DIY Paper Tape Punch - Mechanism diagram?

John Foust jfoust at
Fri May 1 10:31:21 CDT 2020

At 07:18 AM 5/1/2020, Hugh Pyle via cctalk wrote:
>I've cut Mylar tape with a Glowforge laser.  It cuts very nicely but the
>alignment is a major hassle, plus you can only cut ~15" of tape which
>doesn't go very far.  Not worth the effort.  If you were to build a custom
>linear drive it might work.  But also very slow.

Hmm.  You could have N fixed lasers at the spots of potential holes, 
and then a mechanism to move the whole assembly of them in the shape of a
single hole, drawing them all at once.

You could have one laser on that moved precisely along the hole row,
and use the same sort of mechanical motion to draw a hole.

How much laser do you need to cut paper, how much to cut mylar?

Were there any paper tape devices that did not use the sprocket holes 
to move the tape?

- John

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