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Maciej W. Rozycki macro at linux-mips.org
Fri Mar 20 19:21:16 CDT 2020

On Fri, 20 Mar 2020, Rob Jarratt wrote:

> > Actually, I'm searching (more active than ever) for a proper location to put all
> > of my hardware to. I already have shelves, controllable power plugs, and just
> > today an EPROM reader/writer arrived. Though I'm unsure (to use fair
> > language) when there'll be a really up-to-date working Linux port. But maybe
> > at some time, there'll be one!
> Out of interest, what controllable power plugs (sockets?) are you using?

 Not a question for me, but for the record I have used a WTI remote site 
manager, essentially a combined power distribution and terminal server 
unit, for 5 years now.

 The reason I chose that device over alternatives (and with the amount of 
stuff to do with vintage hardware I chose to stay away from a homebrew 
solution so as to reduce distractions) was its ability to automatically 
power-cycle sockets if a device on the network (possibly one powered from 
the socket controlled) is probed dead, so as to reboot a stuck piece of 
communication equipment in an unattended manner.  This has been important 
to me as I cannot afford a travel to my lab whenever a minor disruption 

 It has dual power inputs too for redundant supply (I found it useful if a 
UPS fails, which I have seen happen many times with expired batteries even 
if mains supply remains live) and can also monitor the current load (at 
individual sockets) and the temperature, and then shut sockets selectively 
down automatically if thresholds are exceeded.

 The serial ports use 8P8C modular sockets, so I had some fun making 
proper 8P8C-MMJ patchcords for these console ports that use an MMJ socket 
rather than a D-sub connector (for those ready-made cables are widely 

 As one I have got has 8/8 sockets/serial ports only I now have a second 
one on the way.


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