Prime 50-Series emulator announcement

Dennis Boone drb at
Mon Mar 16 13:29:51 CDT 2020

I realize I told a lie the other day.  INFORMATION is actually installed
on the rev21 public emulator, and the samples.  A few manuals are
online.  I feel like I've seen one or two more that I can't find just
now.  I haven't gotten these integrated into yet:

You can think of MIDASPLUS as similar to ISAM.  A _lot_ of shops used
it.  The application I supported really should have been on a real
database, as we had cross-file relations, but that was "too slow" and
"too expensive", so it was on MIDASPLUS, and we suffered through the
inevitable partial updates.  MIDASPLUS was preceded by MIDAS, which was
preceded by KIDA.  KIDA was originally part of the base os.  MIDAS
stands for "multiple index data access system", iirc.

I _think_ the distributed systems management stuff (DSM) may have
internally used FORMS, so you might grovel through those bits on the
rev23 machine.

I saw a few episodes of The Prisoner many years ago, but don't remember
the title sequence.


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