NetBSD on a VAX 3100 (DV-31AT1-A)

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Sun Mar 15 20:49:48 CDT 2020

Hi All

With the upcoming demise of VMS/VAX I thought I might give NetBSD/vax a try.

Downloading a bootable image and burning it onto a CD was not a problem.

On the 3100 with attached RRD42 and SCSI drive RZ26l the CD duly booted 
ito the NetBSD install menu.

All of versions 7,8 and 9. failed after partitioning at the point where 
the system is copied to the hard disk.

Has anybody successfuly installed NetBSD on a VAX.  If which version on 
which VAX

Rod Smallwood


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