Prime 50-Series emulator announcement

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Thu Mar 12 13:50:46 CDT 2020

All I can say is Wow!!

I have wanted to see this for quite some time.  It took no
time at all to build the emulator and I fired  it up with
Rev 19.2 which was the one I had the most experience with
in the past. Came up very nicely.

Really sorry I got rid of all that Prime documentation.  :-(
Luckily I did keep all my Pocket References so I am not
completely out of the picture.

Now the questions start...

OK, just one for now.  When I started up the emulator it
ended with the Supervisor on the console.  So, how do I
login a regular user?  Does the emulator come  up with
an open port that I can telnet into to get a regular
serial line?

I can't wait to play with all the compilers I used to use.

One more question, I guess.

Is there any likelihood that any of the third party software
like EDV or any of the Salford or Shefield packages still
exist in someone's storage unit?  I wonder if there are any
chances people like Minitab or SPSS could be convinced to
let the old Prime versions of their software loose?


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