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Antonio Carlini a.carlini at
Wed Mar 11 16:43:43 CDT 2020

I have paper copies of a few manuals I have no use for. Most of these 
are single-sided photocopies made by others and sent to me for scanning 
years ago. These are not originals. Almost all of them appear to be 
available on bitsavers, but if you have a penchant for paper, this might 
be your chance. Available by post (for whatever it costs to send them 
plus the paypal fee) or by arrangement in Reading, UK.

MicroVAX Troubleshooting and Diagnostics. EK-O19AE-SG-005
MicroVAX Dual-Host Systems. EK-338AC-DH-003
VAX-11/780 Unibus Adaptor Technical Description. EK-DW780-TD.001
VAX-11/730 Diagnostic System User's Guide. EK-DS780-UG.002
VAX-11/780 Installation Manual. EK-SI780-IN-002
Translation Buffer Cache and SBI Control Technical Description. 
VAX-11/780 Hardware User's Guide. EK-11780-UG-001
VAX-11/780 Console Interface Board Technical Description. EK-KC780-TD.001
FB780 Floating-Point Accelerator. EK-FP780-TD.001
MS780 Memory System Technical Description. EK-MS780-TD.001
* KA780 Centraler Processor Technical Description. EK-KA780-TD.001
* KA655 CPU System Maintenance. EK-306AA-MG.001

The last two (marked *) do not currently appear to be on bitsavers. They 
do appear in my index of local files so I'll make them available to Al 
sometime soon.

Send emails off-list please.


Antonio Carlini
antonio at

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