Prime documentation

Dennis Boone drb at
Wed Mar 11 14:22:31 CDT 2020

For those interested in playing with Jim's emulator, a few resources:

Bitsavers has some doco and bits:

I have been assembling what I hope will be the definitive Prime info
site.  It's not complete, but contains manuals scanned by, among
others, AEK and Jim Wilcoxson, as well as material from my Prime-using
past, etc.  I have more documentation and software to add as I have

Of particular use might be this writeup on installing PRIMOS Revs 22 or
23 on the emulator.  It's set up for the old demo version of the
emulator, so needs a fair amount of updating, but may help get you
started.  I'll work on it soonish.


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